MRSWorkshop 2018 abstracts batch download

Oral presentation

Oral numberTitle abstractPresenting author
1Deletion of CRTC1 is associated with strong neuroenergetic dysfunctions in a mouse model of mood disorders.Antoine Cherix
2Cycled water-suppression single voxel spectroscopy in cardiac 1H MRSBelinda Ding
3In vivo longitudinal 1H MRS Study of hippocampal, cerebral and striatal metabolic changes in BDL ratsDunja Simicic
4The utility of ultra-high resolution MRSI on detectability of neurochemical changes in multiple sclerosis-related brain lesionsEva Heckova
5Deuterium Metabolic Imaging (DMI), a novel method for in vivo mapping of glucose metabolism in brain and liverHenk De Feyter
6In-vivo 1H MRS and ex-vivo ESR spectroscopy of Oxidative Stress in a rat model of Chronic Hepatic EncephalopathyKatarzyna Pierzchala
7Assessment of perfused ex vivo human livers by MRS and MRILiam Young
8Sexual dimorphism and maturation effects in skeletal muscle metabolites: a proton MRS studyLievens Eline
9Both oxygen supply and phosphocreatine recovery rate show proximo-distal gradients along the human tibialis anterior after exerciseLinda Heskamp
10Simultaneous fitting of the individual spectra recorded by multichannel receive arrays in 1H MRS investigations of global brain pathologyMaike Hoefemann
11Myocardial metabolism in amyloidosis quantified by proton MR spectroscopyMareike Gastl
12Reliability of Quantifying Small Resonances in Single Voxel Short Echo Time Human Brain MRS: Concentrations Measured at 3 T and 7 TMellissa Terpstra
13Full Brain High Resolution 3D-MRSI at 7 Tesla within 30 Minutes via 3D-CONCEPTPhilipp Moser
14Whole Brain High Resolution Metabolite Mapping Using 1H FID MRSI with Dynamic B0 Shimming at 9.4TSahar Nassirpour
15How do voxel size and shape in whole-brain MRSI affect spectral quality? A simulation study on 1.5T, 3T, 7T and 9.4TStanislav Motyka
16Early and profound neurometabolic changes in pup rat with cholestatic liver disease compared to changes in adult rats, 1H MRS studyVeronika Rackayova

Poster presentation

poster numberTitle abstractPresenting author
1Longitudinal metabolic alterations in the cerebral cortex of rats after repetitive mild traumatic brain injuryAhmad raza Khan
2Cholesterol peaks found in MRS are a biomarker of Niemann-Pick disease progressionAline Xavier
3TE average as a tool for functional MRS of glutamate at 3 TeslaAndrei Manzhurtsev
4Five-Dimesional Echo-Planar Correlated Spectroscopic Imaging in Human Calf and Breast using Group Sparsity and Total Variation-based Compressed Sensing ReconstructionAndres Saucedo
5Longitudinal Relaxation Times of 5 Metabolites in vivo at 9.4T – preliminary resultsAndrew Wright
6Functional Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of response inhibitionAnouk Schrantee
72D & 3D high-resolution whole brain FID-MRSI at 3T accelerated by compressed-sensingAntoine Klauser
8Implementation of Metabolite Cycling 1H MR Spectroscopy on a 7T Parallel Transmit System: First Application in Skeletal MuscleAriane Fillmer
9Utility of Long-TE In-Vivo MRS for Aspects of Fat Quantification with the Triglyceride Glycerol CH2 ResonanceAtiyah Yahya
10Reduced hippocampal GABA and Glx levels in patients suffering from TRD using an automated labelling approach for multivoxel MRSBenjamin Spurny
11A neuroimaging study of the effects of early versus late anti-inflammatory treatment in the TgF344-AD rat model of Alzheimer’s diseaseCaitlin Fowler
12Aggressive Metabolic Phenotype in Breast Cancer Investigated by 7T Phosphorus Spectroscopy In VivoDeb Rivera
13Direct Estimation of Model Parameters in MR Spectroscopic Imaging using Deep Neural NetworksDhritiman Das
14Effects of probiotics and antibiotics for the treatment of chronic hepatic encephalopathy in different brain regions: a longitudinal in vivo 1H MRS study.Emmanuelle Flatt
15The impact of type 1 diabetes on the neurochemical profileEvita Wiegers
16Simultaneous quantification of perfusion, blood oxygenization and high-energy metabolism of the exercising human calf at 7T by interleaving ASL 1H-MRI with multivoxel 31P-MRSFabian Niess
17For how long do gradient-intensive imaging protocols affect subsequent spectroscopic measurements?Frances Robertson
18Quantitative assessment of citrate secretion by 13C-labeling in human prostate cancer cell line LNCaPFrits van Heijster
19Extremely-high resolution MRSI of the brain at 7T: Discussing the feasibility of higher resolutions and faster measurementsGilbert Hangel
20Towards handling artefacts in Convolutional Neural Networks-based MRS quantificationHelene Ratiney
21MRS quantification; practicalities in the simulation of basis sets by Topspin.Jack van Asten
22Feasibility of regional glutathione measurement in healthy older individuals using 1H MEGA-PRESS MRSJodi Watt
23Getting out of the Big BOX: Voxel Selection for Clinical SV/MRSJoseph P. Cousins
247T rosette spectroscopic imaging in human brainJulie Pan
25In vivo 1H MRS study at 7T for the assessment of metabolic changes in the rat model of chronic unpredictable mild stress with Lactobacillus rhamnosus (JB-1) treatmentKatarzyna Kochalska
26Characterizing longitudinal biochemical alterations in Alzheimer's disease: A neuroimaging study in the TgF344-AD rodent modelKatrina Cruickshank
271H MR spectroscopy of the hippocampus in pre-clinical Alzheimer’s DiseaseMartin Gajdosik
28NAA dynamics in normal motor cortex in the period of BOLD response on millisecond stimulusMaxim Ublinskiy
29Fast, Regional 3D Hybrid (1D-Hadamard 2D-Rosette) Proton MRSI in The Human BrainOded Gonen
30Chronic Metabolic Effects of Anesthesia on the Developing Rabbit BrainP Venkatasubramanian
31Combination of pre-suppression of lipids and MEGA-sLASER for the detection of BHB in the human liverPandichelvam Veeraiah
321H MRS as a novel quantitative method for osteoporosis detection.Petr Menshchikov
33Low SAR body transmit facilitates 31P multi-echo spectroscopic imaging in the human bodyQuincy van Houtum
34Metabolite T2 values from single-voxel, single-echo PRESS acquisitionsRobert Mulkern
35Challenges in estimating T1 Relaxation Times of Macromolecules in the Human Brain at 9.4TSaipavitra Murali-Manohar
36Metabolite-Cycled Cardiac Proton Spectroscopy at 1.5TSophie Peereboom
37Estimation of T2 Relaxation Times of Macromolecules in Human Brain Spectra at 9.4 TTamás Borbáth
38Simulation of 13C Labeling Effects in 1H MRS with different Sequences at 9.4 TTheresia Ziegs
39Evidence of Increased N-acetyl-aspartate After Repetitive Head InjuryTyler Starr
40Assessment of brain abnormalities in HIV infection by 3D Rosette Spectroscopic ImagingVictor Yushmanov
41Effects of Anaesthetic Duration and Time of Day on Metabolite Levels in Long Evans RatWendy Oakden
421H NMR of colorectal cancer tumor progression organoid extractsWJM van der Kemp
43Correlation of H-1 MRSI with long-term Neurodevelopmental Outcome in term neonates with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathyYan Li
44Repeatability of hippocampal GABA quantification using MEGA-sLASER at 7TYannik Völzke
45Comparison of SLIM Localization and Voxel Averaging in 3D MRSIPeter Adany
46Towards signal enhancement of glycogen C2-C6 by localized 13C MRS at 7T using broadband 1H-decoupling and NOE by means of bi-level WALTZ cyclesSerés Eulalia
47Imaging of Creatine Kinase Reaction Rate by MR FingerprintingXin Yu
48Low-power stochastic decoupling for 13C MRS of human TBI patientsChris Wickens
49Taurine participates in E/I balance during whisker stimulation: 1H-MRS in awake miceYuhei Takado
50Musculoskeletal Fat Quantification by Using High-Resolution Metabolite Cycling Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging at 3 TAhmed Alhulail
51An Optimal Excitation Scheme for 1H-MRS Insights from Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting Monte Carlo Simulations - Reconstruction & QuantificationAlexey Kulpanovich